Sabtu, 31 Agustus 2013

Made In The USA

No matter how far we go,

I want the whole world to know

I want you bad, and I won't have it any other way

No matter what the people say,

I know that we'll never break

Cause our love was made, made in the USA

Made in the USA, yeah

That sentence is fragment in the lyrics of the song Made ​​in the usa by Demi Lovato


IF ONLY i can change it into Made in the INA


Late and Happy

Entering 3rd semester in college, i start to struggle get the scholarship. I was applying for BUMN Scholarship but until announcement date.. "NO MY NAME", in my mind. A little bit dissapointed but OK forget it.

The most wanted scholarship that i want to catch is DJARUM SCHOLARSHIP but (again) i am still in 3rd semester and the rule to apply it is for 4th semester. So.. I applied PPA Scholarship and Goodwill International Foundation Scholarship. The deadline to submit the form and all application stuff is 31 December 2012, and i submit it in 30 December 2012 hahaha almost LATE. I hope by applied 2 scholarships, at least I can get one of both or even both.

In this paragraph i want to explain about Goodwill International Foundation Scholarship. Early february 2013 my father got phone from Mr. ____ (Sorry,I forget) who stated that i pass to the second stage in the selection of the scholarship and requested to attend the interview stage on 21 february 2013 in Jalan Pisang No. 7 Komplek Perumahan Departemen Pertanian Pasar Minggu Jakarta. I came to the interview and talk-talk-talk-talk with "Bule" Australia. Yeaahh with the potluck english i answer the questions he posed. About 30 minutes in the small room with "The Bule" finally he said,
"Nice to meet you and it was nice to know more about you, in the end of July if you're accepted you'll get an email from us. Thank you for coming."



Wait~ wait~ AHA !!! in the middle of April i got the PPA Scholarship... my name was on the bulletin board of a student website. YEAY !!! Alhamdulillah~ I WAS SOOO HAPPY. It means that "I'LL GET THE MONEY SOON" hehehe while waiting for the email from Goodwill i could enjoy the fellowship that i get and if i was not accepted by the Goodwill anyway~~ I've got PPA Scholarship hehehe although i prefer Goodwill than PPA. Because in Goodwill not only financial assistance but also there self-development and leadership and we must provide monthly reports on the progress experienced to the sponsor.

Ah iya. Because of i was accepted as a grantee of PPA, i couldn't apply to DJARUM SCHOLARSHIP. This's happen because the requirement to apply this scholarship is to provide statement that the applicant has not receive scholarships. So my dream to be Beswan (people who receive this scholarship) has been dashed. ^^




Till the time. Huh.. my heart cannot wait anymore. HAHA *dilligently start opening email*


Dissapointed~ because all of essays that i made only drive me until the interview stage. So i must learn more about it as i told you guys previously that WRITING ACTIVITY IS IMPORTANT. But i am always grateful that there must be something better waiting for me up ahead, after all i have been getting PPA Scholarship. *keep smile*


3 August 2013 1.35 pm i got email from Goodwill that announce
"CONGRATULATION !!! Galih you're accepted as a grantee and your sponsor is ________"


Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Make Your Mark

Sometimes we dont know "What should we do? When the school or college holidays are too long". This is what i experinced, until I decided to write on this blog.

I am G. I already have this blog almost 3 years or maybe more than 3 years, I don't know exactly~ but the most important is I AM TOO STUPID to not use this thing (read : blog account) as good as THEM (read : hi-quality blogger) from the beginning.
I realized that writing activities are important, write it in any form can never be separated from our lives except for the people who are lucky to not have their hands,they don't have to write but they have their own way to do the "writing activity". Here.. I'll show you how important is :

1. Probably not now but you can smile when you see to your writing 1 2 3 or maybe 10 years ahead. SMILE IS EXPENSIVE, moreover smile because of the great memories in your life.
2. PRACTICE YOUR SKILL. To get job, scholarship, follow any conferences, and for you college student REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO MAKE ESSAY~ THESIS~ DISSERTATION~ it's hard will be so hard if you never do writing activity. practice.. start with simply writing then you can be an expert.
3. MAKE YOU SMARTER. When you're writing, your brain is spinning to get the best word,the best sentence to write. It means that you are sharpening your brain.
4. MAKE MONEY. Make a book then sell it.

The point is there's no harm if you write. For me.. now I am aware of and try to make my tracks with this blog post. So, why don't you make your mark from now?

see you~