Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Make Your Mark

Sometimes we dont know "What should we do? When the school or college holidays are too long". This is what i experinced, until I decided to write on this blog.

I am G. I already have this blog almost 3 years or maybe more than 3 years, I don't know exactly~ but the most important is I AM TOO STUPID to not use this thing (read : blog account) as good as THEM (read : hi-quality blogger) from the beginning.
I realized that writing activities are important, write it in any form can never be separated from our lives except for the people who are lucky to not have their hands,they don't have to write but they have their own way to do the "writing activity". Here.. I'll show you how important is :

1. Probably not now but you can smile when you see to your writing 1 2 3 or maybe 10 years ahead. SMILE IS EXPENSIVE, moreover smile because of the great memories in your life.
2. PRACTICE YOUR SKILL. To get job, scholarship, follow any conferences, and for you college student REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO MAKE ESSAY~ THESIS~ DISSERTATION~ it's hard will be so hard if you never do writing activity. practice.. start with simply writing then you can be an expert.
3. MAKE YOU SMARTER. When you're writing, your brain is spinning to get the best word,the best sentence to write. It means that you are sharpening your brain.
4. MAKE MONEY. Make a book then sell it.

The point is there's no harm if you write. For me.. now I am aware of and try to make my tracks with this blog post. So, why don't you make your mark from now?

see you~

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