Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

As Not As Easy It Seems

Today (5th December 2013) Me and my friend..Ayu. Beginning our survey to UKM (SMEs = Small to Middle Enterprises) in Kabupaten and Kota Bogor. We were going by Angkot because no one of us cannot use motorcycle nor car.. hahaha

Before i continue my story, here it is, i give you all the background of this survey. We are the "HR Clinic" IPB Management Department is holding a salary survey for positions in SMEs in the kabupaten and Kota Bogor. The goal is to provide inputs for industry, researchers, and practitioners HRD. We directly supervised by the reliable lecturers in Management Department. I am so happy to get into this project with the awesome people, such as Azka, Ayu, Aqin, Dadan, Graceta, Mentari, Silmi, Hana, Piti, Merry, Nika. 

Back to the point. hahaha
After we finished our lecturing (perkuliahan, hmm is that true? hahaha), we directly multiply the number of questionnaires that will be used to collect the data from each SMEs that we visited. After that, we're going from Darmaga by Angkot to Taman Yasmin. It seems we had come too early, because many stores that haven't opened yet, and also it still at 10AM. hehehe

We're walking away over the "ruko" (Shophouses) and hiks.. it really HOT OUTSIDE huhuhu so we're sweating haha.. We visited the place that we think "YA THIS IS THE SMEs THAT WE NEED" , one by one.. Firstable we're planning to visit WOW BAKERY but it haven't opened yet.. then we visited SS WAROENG its employees was still cleaning up the shop, and one of the employees told me that i can meet the manager it's about 11AM. so we're going to another place..

We decided to go to the area of Karya Bakti Hospital. Again.. we're walking away over the "ruko" (Shophouses) we found D'Tulip Bakery.. There, we're friendly greeted.. hahaha we meet the Manager, we have told him about this survey bla..bla..bla.. but still.. the manager should tell the owner first before he give more information to us.. so we just given the owner's number to contact her first.

After D'Tulip.. we're heading to the another shop, still in that area of "ruko" (Shophouses).. Malabar Mountain, RM Buntut Semeru, and Mie Nampol.. the result yaaaa similar to the D'Tulip. HAHAHA
After burned by the sunshine my skin seems darker.. hahaha that's not important. ya After we finished the obeservation.. (Could it call observation? hmm maybe..) we're heading to Air Mancur Area. 

Uuugghh Air Mancur Area is too HOT.. huhuhu hiks.
We found RM Saung Ambu, Baso Malang Mendem.. and the result.. yah.. still similar to the result of another places before. BUT... We found Sop Duren Rancamaya.. hhi after the long~long away.. we can interview the manager and the staff in this place.. we're so happy.. although we still need the owner side for this survey because the owner was not there in that time. and the happiest event on this day is WE ATE THE SOP DUREN wakakak.. 

hmm it was a long way to get the survey.. it's hard.. and As Not As Easy It Seems.. because we normally think "Ahh survey? It's easy bro.. Just come, ask, and tabulate it,FINISH" 

I should thanks to Allah who gave me this opportunity.. this experience.. It's hard. BUT It's worth.

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