Senin, 22 September 2014


Still remember my birthday project to find another "galih"? Yaaa, today 22 September 2014 i went to RSIA Hermina Bogor to see the baby had come to the world yesterday (21 September 2014). Start my class today 7.30 AM finish 9.30 AM, i went to Babakan Raya bought Lumpia Basah, Alfamid* bought Ultr* Stawberry Milk 250ml, walking up to the in front of Super K*e, waiting for Angkot, back to my rent house~ shortcut to the story, i went to RSIA Hermina Bogor at 10.25 AM.

My letter to the baby

The Gift
When i got the RSIA Hermina Bogor, i went to the receptionist and expressed my intention to come. The receptionist leave me to ask the marketing manager in RSIA Hermina Bogor, Mbak Sofi, about my intention. THEY REALLY WELCOME!!! DAEBAK!!! I LIKE IT~

But.. i should wait about 30 minutes for the marketing manager to notify the director. The director gave me the permission. 11.15 AM my name was called "Mbak Gilang dari IPB yah?" by someone i thought she's a nurse. Damn!!! why Gilang?? ok, i said "Sorry, my name is Galih", and they sorry to me too. haha they said that the birth in 21 September 2014 amounted to 4 babies, unfortunately i just brought 1 gift, so the nurse leaded me to visit the mom of the baby first made a permission to take a picture of her baby. The baby girl doesn't have name yet, her mom said still discussed with her father.

The baby girl

Really cute

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