Kamis, 25 September 2014


Well my beloved readers, thank you for reading my awesometastic life strory. This is still about my 21th birthday, 2 nights ago (Tuesday, 23 September 2014)  at 11 PM i was still busy with my laptop in my room, suddenly my friends (Rika Arnita, Anggy Eka Fitriana and Lina Mulyana) came to the downstairs, entered my room while singing "Happy Birthday" brought martabak manis with candles. They also brought 2 gifts for me, one gift's picture frame with aphorisms and the other gift's a book entitled "Mencari Jodoh Jangan Bodoh" by Brili  Agung Zaky Pradika

Picture Frame
The book i should read
Tribal bag from Nadia Azka
They a little bit disappointed on me, because actually my birthday surprise would be held on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 coincide with Nadia Azka (birthday in 7 September 2014) and Dewi Emillia Bahry (birthday in 19 September 2014) but for some reasons that my friends gave me a surprise first. 

Last night,  i was told by Anggy, Lina and Rika that Azka and Dewi would visit my rent-house, they want to cook for a little party with the intention of giving ME a birthday surprise, when in fact Anggy, Lina and Rika would also give them (Azka and Dewi) a birthday surprise too. What do you think,readers? sounds complicated huh!

Here's the day! To make it smoothly happen, i should go out from the house, so Rika asked me to accompany her to go out around Dramaga, we decided to go to the new Hypermart in Dramaga, Giant. The road was very very jammed last night, huh! very exhausted! Our path was finally ended by bought Martabak Telur Kubang in front of SD Dramaga 5. Yummy~

I came home around 8 PM, Ah iya! before i came Azka and Dewi was hidden by Anggy, Lina, and Rika in Rika's room (at upstairs) as if they wanna surprise me but actually they also surprised. Hahahaha

Both of the videos are nice, right? yeeaaa because we're Virgo girls and just awesome. wkwkwk

The gifts
Birthday Girls
Director of Scenario
Birthday Girls II
Being awesome together
Being awesome together II
Thank you for reading the series of my 21th Birthday events. Tralaaaaaa one thing i miss, blood donors~ i will try to donate my blood in this September. I hope i'll make it. :)

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