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Yesterday, 21 September 2014 was my 21st birthday. On that day i had two schedules, first's meeting with my mentors from Young On Top, Kak Sirly and Mas Taufan also my friends in team, actually we're 10 CAs in team but it was only 7 CAs who attended. My second schedule was visiting the hospital to see the baby who has the same birthday with me <= My Birthday Project

Well, those schedules would be my priceless birthday gift because by the discussion in mentoring, i could share "what's in my mind, what i want to do, what i believe i can do" with others and also i got so many lessons from this discussion, i could know my friends interested in, what they want to do, even their problem in life. I said that life is unique, no one lives just go smoothly and sometimes people needs a little bit stress to make them growth.

We discussed about How to Find Your Masterpiece? Have You Find Your Passion? Is That Hard For You to Find Your Passion?. This meeting settled us to ready for the next theme in Young On Top Monthly Meeting about Passion and Vision, so that's why we discussed this last evening.

Now, i'm going to share what i got then you can start to "think"

There are 4 problems in life :
1. You don't really know yourself
   Who are you in life? Do you know what personality is like? Do you know what you are really capable of? Have you always lived a life of "just making do?" Are you happy or feeling depressed and frustated for the missed opportunities? Who are you really?
2. There is no fulfilment in who you are and what you do
   Are you proud of your achievements or do you feel that your life has never really started? Are satisfied in what you have obtained in life? Or are you feeling restless, unfulfilled, and confused for what you are facing? Are you struggling with problem still?
3. There is no progress, no future in your life
   Do you know what your life goals are? Have you achieved any of them? Or are you still struggling to reach them? Do you keep hitting a blank wall or closed doors? Are you confident about tomorrow? And what about your dreams? Have you forgotten them or are you still focussing on them?
4. There is no purpose in your life
   What do you live for? Is it something that is here today and gone tomorrow or is it something that will last after you? Do you feel that your life is just like roller coaster or a merry-go-round? Are you making sense of what are you doing in life? Or do you live everyday as it comes? Is your life really worth living? Are you power-full or power-less?

Those are the problems that's always been the case, some people still feel "I run this much but still can't see the finish line" and maybe you feel it too.

These are some questions you have to answer. (the highlighted is my answer)
1. I am excited about my life and turned on by the things i get to do each day. (Yes/No) 
2. Others comment on how happy i am and what fun it is to be around me. (Yes/No) 
3. I get upset and thrown off the track when unexpected situations and circumtances arise. (Yes/No) 
4. I am very clear about the top five passions in my life, those things that matter most to me. (Yes/No
5. I make decisions based on what will help me live my passions most fully. (Yes/No)
6. I spend my days doing things i love, surrounded by people i love. (Yes/No) 
7. Life is confusing for me, i don't have a clear sense of direction in my life. (Yes/No) 

After you answer those questions, here it is The Golden Question :
1. What do you live for? (long-term goal)
2. Have you ever wondered. have you ever asked yourself why you are here on earth?
3. What are you living for? (Now, could be related to your long-term goal or not)
4. What are you hoping to achieve in life?
5. What is the reason of your existence?
6. Do you know where are you going? Or are you sailing just following the wind and where ever the wind blows your life goes with it too?
7. Is this what are you living for?

If you still don't know the answer, that's the process you have to find. How? From now every single thing you do, please FEEL IT, FEEL WHEN YOU DO THINGS. If you interested in, enjoy, just KEEP THAT.

I've answered those questions into what i want to be in my life. I'm now as a Management Student in Institut Pertanian Bogor, i just realized that i love biological things since i was in Hi-School but i don't really like kind of math, statistics, ah screw those things, but in fact, in reality we need that, we do that everyday haha

What i want to do is to combine the biological things with management, i found Occupational Health and Safety. Yah, i am gonna take magister in Occupational Health and Safety so with that knowledge i can be career woman in that part. How to get that? Do i know the track? Yes, but still need some "clue".

Because i want to take magister class in september 2015, so what i should do from now is focussing on my "skripsi", make a target February 2015 to graduate, and because i want to get the scholarship in this program, i should apply the scholarship in March 2015, while waiting the process of assessment i can take internship for 6 months. I should believe that what i'm saying now will be happen in my life. That's my expectation in me. How about you? Ask yourself!

What if the unexpected situations and circumtances arise and inhibit your expectation? Haaa, it's only the matter of time, as long as you still on the track, just go ahead!

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