Kamis, 31 Juli 2014


Ok well, i'm going to share my first experince in tweeting something useful for everyone. I've never been doing these stuff before. Was that hard for you,Gal? | YES!  Yeah. i have an account twitter but my tweets are ONLY ABOUT ME with no thinking whether my tweets will have an impact on others. Here it goes~

I had an E-mail a couple days ago, that's MY FIRST CUMPOLSORY TASK :)
I should make a set of draft twitter for next month in @YoungOnTop account, the due date is today, 31 July 2014. The big theme of tweets in August is Independence Day of Indonesia. So, the first thing i did was looking for the topic to share with around 136.000 followers. little burden,huh? | Ya, how can't be a burden? it'll be seen hundreds thousands of people and if i'm wrong ............ *keep smiling*

Finally, after 3 days thinking, i decided "..........secret............" as my topic for next month. Hahaha so, i made 34 tweets for it. I have submitted my assignment to the Director Marcomm Young On Top which will then be given to the digital departement for further action. 

It really makes me have to think many times everytime i make a sentence. The essence that I received from this first task is Everytime we decide something that will affect the interests of the people, we have to think about it many times and make our position on that person.

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Halo, I like your blog! boleh minta email untuk kerjasama?

Galih Tristianni mengatakan...

Halo, terima kasih :)

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